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Our goal has always been to achieve for our clients the best possible contract outcome without leaving even the smallest item on the table.  If an employer is stating at the end of your negotiations that they would have provided "significantly more" you know that your negotiations strategy has fallen short.  Consequently our clients have achieved the highest outcomes and repeatedly top the statewide charts.  There are many hidden pitfalls and traps which compromise future contracts, just as there are devices to improve your contract and leverage better benefits for the future. 

  • Negotiations with the State of New Jersey 

  • Negotiations with Municipalities and Counties

  • Private Sector Contract Negotiations​

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Contract negotiations is not simply hoping that you can bring a list of demands to your employer and achieve the desired result.  Bargaining requires setting up a strategic framework before you get to the table.  Experience is important. Knowledge is important. Professional counsel is important. 




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